BH Solid Bamboo Height Adjustable Raised Pet Double Feeding Stand(2 bowls)

  • £16.99

  • You can easily adjust the height of this bamboo stand, lowering or raising the platform in order to fit your pet's needs. 9cm and 4cm above the floor respectively.
  • The stand feeder has a tilt angel which meets the scientific perspective of small or medium pets.
  • Comes with 1 x height adjustable bamboo stand and 2 x 14cm in diameter ceramic bowls. Bamboo is a pure natural plant, which has high strength stability that can make the stand feeder stable, and it is very healthy and environmentally friendly.
  • Comes in flat packaging with screws and can be easily assembled.
  • The overall external dimension of the feeder stand is 39.5 cm in (L), 20cm(W), 13.5cm (H)
  • Both the ceramic bowls provided in the set can be easily cleaned by hand, while the bamboo frame can be wiped clean. Making it simple and hassle free to clean up after your little friend has had their meal.