Vintage Wicker Trunk Baby Nursery Toys Blanket Storage Chest Basket Box Bedside

  • £49.99

  • Multi-use basket in the rectangular shape
  • Made by a high quality of 100% natural wicker
  • Modern and stylish designed.
  • Cotton lining  
  • Large Storage Box: Length 76 cm x Width 50 cm x Height 45 cms approx
  • Medium Storage Box: Length 66 x Width 42 x Height 40 cms approx.
  • Small Storage Box: Length 56 x Width 35 x Height 34 cms approx
  • The finish is a washed finish. The slightly golden color is the base color while the matt black color is the top coat. To achieve the vintage tear and wear look, the key procedure is to wash off the black ink to make the base color appear.