Natural Finish Wicker Trunk Baby Nursery Toys Blanket Storage Chest Basket Box

  • £25.99

  • Multi-use basket in the rectangular shape
  • Made by a high quality of 100% natural wicker
  • Modern and stylish designed.
  • Removable and washable cloth lining 
  • Slightly narrow downward
  • For hand made crafts, the colors and measurements allow 5% tolerance
Open Storage Basket:
  1. Large Storage Box: Top Length 48 cm x Width 37 cm x Height 29 cm approx.
  2. Medium Storage Box: Top Length 41 cm x Width 31 cm x Height 25 cm approx
  3. Small Storage Box: Top Length 36 cm x Width 26 cm x Height 21 cm approx

Wicker Trunk:
  1. Large Trunk: Top Length 70 cm x Width 45 cm x Height 45 cm approx.
  2. Medium Trunk: Top Length 60 cm x Width 39 cm x Height 39 cm approx
  3. Small Trunk: Top Length 51 cm x Width 32 cm x Height  32 cm approx
Square Open Storage Basket:
    Length 43 cm Width 41 cm Height 41 cm/49 cm including handles

Full Size Wicker Trunk:
    Dimension(External): (W)100 cm x (D)48cm x (H)58cm