BH Paw Shaped Dog Toys Chest Storage Collection Box Wooden Crates Gift Hampers

  • £14.99

  • Stylish wooden storage box for keeping all your dog’s toys
  • Burn finish, no chemical paint
  • Ideal for making gift hampers for dogs
  • Beautifully handmade with a high-quality finish
  • Large Size: Length 42 cm x Width 30 cm Depth 20 cm ( Length 16.5 inch x Width 12 inch Depth 8 inch)
  • Medium Size: Length 37 cm x Width 25 cm Depth 18 cm  ( Length 14.5 inch x Width 10 inch Depth 7 inch) 
  • Small Size: Length 31 cm x Width 20 cm Depth 16 cm  ( Length 12.5 inch x Width 8 inch Depth 6 inch)
  • Please note for handmade products, colors and measures allow 5% tolerance
  • Warning: This storage wooden crate is held together with a few nails. If dogs chew this box, nails may be exposed and cause potential hurts. Don't leave your dog unattended with this box if he or she likes to chew.