Natural Color Bamboo Gift Hampers Set

  • £10.88

Making Your own gift hampers
Every order includes:
  • 1 x Bamboo basket as in the photo.??
  • 1 x Pink/Blue/Red/ Beige 100 g high-quality Kraft Crinkle Paper
  • 1 x 1m by 1m clear cello Wrap
  • 1 x Pink/Blue/Red/ Beige??3 cm wide 133 cm Long Pull Bow
Measurements for the Bamboo basket:??
  • XX Large Size: Top Length??43 cm x Width 34 cm Depth??10 cm Base Length 36 cm x Width??26 cm??
  • Extra Large Size: Top Length??38 cm x Width 28 cm Depth 9 cm Base Length??30 cm x Width??21 cm??
  • Large Size: Top Length 34 cm x Width 25cm Depth 9 cm Base Length 28 cm x Width 18 cm??
  • Medium Size: Top Length 30 cm x Width 20 cm Depth 9 cm Base Length 25 cm x Width 15 cm??
  • Small Size: Top Length 26 cm x Width 16 cm Depth 8.5 cm Base Length 21 cm x Width 11 cm
Please be noted that for handmade baskets, colors and measurements allow 5% tolerance